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Scientific Name (Count) Common Name Taxon Group CAT Action
Acanthocardia aculeata (9) Spiny cockle mollusc CAT2
Acanthocardia echinata (111) Prickly Cockle mollusc CAT4
Acanthocardia paucicostata Acanthocardia paucicostata mollusc CAT4
Acanthocardia spinosa Acanthocardia spinosa mollusc CAT4
Acanthocardia tuberculata (2) Rough Cockle mollusc CAT4
Acanthocephala (2) Acanthocephala thorny-headed worm (Acanthocephala) CAT4
Acanthoceras Acanthoceras diatom CAT4
Acanthoceras madeburgensis Acanthoceras madeburgensis diatom CAT4
Acanthocerataceae Acanthocerataceae diatom CAT4
Acanthochitona (37) Acanthochitona mollusc CAT4
Acanthochitona crinita (107) Acanthochitona crinita mollusc CAT4
Acanthochitona discrepans Acanthochitona discrepans mollusc CAT4
Acanthochitona fascicularis (7) Acanthochitona fascicularis mollusc CAT4
Acanthochitonidae (1) Acanthochitonidae mollusc CAT4
Acanthochitonina Acanthochitonina mollusc CAT4
Acanthochitoninae Acanthochitoninae mollusc CAT4
Acanthochondria Acanthochondria crustacean CAT4
Acanthochondria clavata (2) Acanthochondria clavata crustacean CAT4
Acanthochondria cornuta Acanthochondria cornuta crustacean CAT4
Acanthochondria limandae (2) Acanthochondria limandae crustacean CAT4
Acanthochondria soleae Acanthochondria soleae crustacean CAT4
Acanthochondrites Acanthochondrites crustacean CAT4
Acanthochondrites annulatus Acanthochondrites annulatus crustacean CAT4
Acanthocinini Acanthocinini insect - beetle (Coleoptera) CAT4
Acanthocinus Acanthocinus insect - beetle (Coleoptera) CAT4
Acanthocinus aedilis (16) Timberman Beetle insect - beetle (Coleoptera) CAT2
Acanthocirrus Acanthocirrus tapeworm (Cestoda) CAT4
Acanthocirrus retirostris Acanthocirrus retirostris tapeworm (Cestoda) CAT4
Acanthocnema Acanthocnema insect - true fly (Diptera) CAT4
Acanthocnema Acanthocnema insect - true fly (Diptera) CAT4
Acanthocnema glaucescens (7) Acanthocnema glaucescens insect - true fly (Diptera) CAT2
Acanthocnema nigrimana (2) Acanthocnema nigrimana insect - true fly (Diptera) CAT4
Acanthococcus Acanthococcus alga CAT4
Acanthococcus Acanthococcus insect - true bug (Hemiptera) CAT4
Acanthococcus aciculiferus Acanthococcus aciculiferus alga CAT4
Acanthococcus azaleae Azalea Bark Scale insect - true bug (Hemiptera) CAT4
Acanthococcus devoniensis Acanthococcus devoniensis insect - true bug (Hemiptera) CAT4
Acanthococcus insignis Acanthococcus insignis insect - true bug (Hemiptera) CAT4
Acanthocolpidae Acanthocolpidae trematode CAT4
Acanthocyclops (2) Acanthocyclops crustacean CAT4
Acanthocyclops (Acanthocyclops) Acanthocyclops (Acanthocyclops) crustacean CAT4
Acanthocyclops (Dyacyclops) Acanthocyclops (Dyacyclops) crustacean CAT4
Acanthocyclops (Megacyclops) Acanthocyclops (Megacyclops) crustacean CAT4
Acanthocyclops americanus Acanthocyclops americanus crustacean CAT4
Acanthocyclops robustus (11) Acanthocyclops robustus crustacean CAT4
Acanthocyclops robustus subsp. robustus Acanthocyclops robustus subsp. robustus crustacean CAT4
Acanthocyclops sensitivus Acanthocyclops sensitivus crustacean CAT4
Acanthocyclops venustus Acanthocyclops venustus crustacean CAT4
Acanthocyclops venustus subsp. venustus Acanthocyclops venustus subsp. venustus crustacean CAT4
Acanthocyclops vernalis (6) Acanthocyclops vernalis crustacean CAT4