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Scientific Name (Count) Common Name Taxon Group CAT Action
Abrothallus bertianus (16) Abrothallus bertianus fungus CAT2
Abrothallus caerulescens (4) Abrothallus caerulescens fungus CAT2
Abrothallus cetrariae Abrothallus cetrariae fungus CAT2
Abrothallus cladoniae Abrothallus cladoniae fungus CAT2
Abrothallus lobariae Abrothallus lobariae fungus CAT4
Abrothallus microspermus (17) Abrothallus microspermus fungus CAT2
Abrothallus parmeliarum (22) Abrothallus parmeliarum fungus CAT2
Abrothallus parmotrematis Abrothallus parmotrematis fungus CAT4
Abrothallus prodiens Abrothallus prodiens fungus CAT2
Abrothallus suecicus (1) Abrothallus suecicus fungus CAT2
Abrothallus usneae Abrothallus usneae fungus CAT2
Abrothallus welwitschii (7) Abrothallus welwitschii fungus CAT2
Absconditella (1) Absconditella lichen CAT4
Absconditella annexa Absconditella annexa lichen CAT2
Absconditella celata (2) Absconditella celata lichen CAT4
Absconditella delutula (5) Absconditella delutula lichen CAT4
Absconditella lignicola (1) Absconditella lignicola lichen CAT4
Absconditella pauxilla Absconditella pauxilla lichen CAT2
Absconditella sphagnorum Absconditella sphagnorum lichen CAT4
Absconditella trivialis (14) Absconditella trivialis lichen CAT3
Absidia Absidia fungus CAT4
Absidia caerulea (1) Absidia caerulea fungus CAT4
Absidia californica Absidia californica fungus CAT4
Absidia cylindrospora Absidia cylindrospora fungus CAT4
Absidia glauca Absidia glauca fungus CAT4
Absidia heterospora Absidia heterospora fungus CAT4
Absidia repens Absidia repens fungus CAT4
Absidia spinosa Absidia spinosa fungus CAT4
Absyrtus Absyrtus insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Absyrtus vernalis Absyrtus vernalis insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Absyrtus vicinator Absyrtus vicinator insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Abutilon Abutilon flowering plant CAT4
Abutilon malvifolium Abutilon malvifolium flowering plant CAT4
Abutilon pictum (1) Chinese-lantern flowering plant CAT4
Abutilon theophrasti (8) Velvetleaf flowering plant CAT4
Abylidae Abylidae coelenterate (=cnidarian) CAT4
Abylinae Abylinae coelenterate (=cnidarian) CAT4
Abylopsinae Abylopsinae coelenterate (=cnidarian) CAT4
Abylopsis Abylopsis coelenterate (=cnidarian) CAT4
Abylopsis tetragona Abylopsis tetragona coelenterate (=cnidarian) CAT4
Abyssidrilus Abyssidrilus annelid CAT4
Abyssidrilus profundus Abyssidrilus profundus annelid CAT4
Abyssoninoe (28) Abyssoninoe annelid CAT4
Abyssoninoe abyssorum Abyssoninoe abyssorum annelid CAT4
Abyssoninoe hibernica (2) Abyssoninoe hibernica annelid CAT4
Abyssoninoe scopa (1) Abyssoninoe scopa annelid CAT4
Abyssorchomene Abyssorchomene crustacean CAT4
Abyssorchomene abyssorum Abyssorchomene abyssorum crustacean CAT4
Acacia Acacia flowering plant CAT4
Acacia falciformis Hickory Wattle flowering plant CAT4