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Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary Eupeodes corollae Hoverfly Banded demoiselle (<i>Calopteryx splendens</i>) Southern Hawker Hoverfly - Syrphus Elephant Hawkmoth close up - Keith Noble Apoderus coryli Peregrine Hoverfly (<i>Rhingia campestris </i>) Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary Hoverfly (<i>Criorhina floccosa</i>) Comma, two adults Polygonia c-album.jpg Small coppers, Lycaena phlaeas Four-spotted Chaser Ruddy darter, Sympetrum sanguineum Painted Lady Broad-bodied Chaser Pintail Comma, Polygonia c-album Epinotia bilunana Micro moth (<i>Micropterix aruncella</i>) Small tortoiseshell, Aglais urticae in crocus flower Longhorn beetle, Pyrrhidium sanguineum Colletes hederae Ivy Bee Orange tip pair, Anthocharis cardamines