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Scientific Name (Count) Common Name Taxon Group CAT Action
a hoverfly a hoverfly insect - true fly (Diptera) CAT4
a lichen a lichen lichen CAT4
a mason bee a mason bee insect - hymenopteran CAT4
a mining bee a mining bee insect - hymenopteran CAT4
a moss a moss moss CAT4
a reed beetle a reed beetle insect - beetle (Coleoptera) CAT4
a solitary wasp a solitary wasp insect - hymenopteran CAT4
a spider-hunting wasp a spider-hunting wasp insect - hymenopteran CAT4
a water beetle a water beetle insect - beetle (Coleoptera) CAT4
a weevil a weevil insect - beetle (Coleoptera) CAT4
Aaptos Aaptos sponge (Porifera) CAT4
Aaptos simplex Aaptos simplex sponge (Porifera) CAT4
Abacarus Abacarus acarine (Acari) CAT4
Abacarus acutatus Abacarus acutatus acarine (Acari) CAT4
Abacarus hystrix Abacarus hystrix acarine (Acari) CAT4
Abacot Ranger Duck Abacot Ranger Duck bird CAT4
Abarenicola Abarenicola annelid CAT4
Abarenicola claparedi Abarenicola claparedi annelid CAT4
Abax (4) Abax insect - beetle (Coleoptera) CAT4
Abax parallelepipedus (968) Abax parallelepipedus insect - beetle (Coleoptera) CAT4
Abax parallelus (2) Abax parallelus insect - beetle (Coleoptera) CAT4
Abdera Abdera insect - beetle (Coleoptera) CAT4
Abdera affinis Abdera affinis insect - beetle (Coleoptera) CAT2
Abdera biflexuosa (9) Abdera biflexuosa insect - beetle (Coleoptera) CAT2
Abdera flexuosa (25) Abdera flexuosa insect - beetle (Coleoptera) CAT2
Abdera quadrifasciata (8) Abdera quadrifasciata insect - beetle (Coleoptera) CAT2
Abelia Abelia flowering plant CAT4
Abelia uniflora Abelia uniflora flowering plant CAT4
Aberdeen Angus Cattle Aberdeen Angus Cattle terrestrial mammal CAT4
Aberdeen Angus Cattle (Original Population) Aberdeen Angus Cattle (Original Population) terrestrial mammal CAT4
Aberranta Aberranta annelid CAT4
Aberranta "species A" Aberranta "species A" annelid CAT4
Aberranta sp. Aberranta sp. annelid CAT4
Aberrantidae Aberrantidae annelid CAT4
Aberrantospermata Aberrantospermata flatworm (Turbellaria) CAT4
Abia (4) Abia insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Abia aenea (1) Abia aenea insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Abia aenea/lonicerae (2) Abia aenea/lonicerae insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Abia candens (26) Abia candens insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Abia fasciata (87) Abia fasciata insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Abia lonicerae (11) Abia lonicerae insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Abia lonicerae/aenea (1) Abia lonicerae/aenea insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Abia nitens (52) Abia nitens insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Abida Abida mollusc CAT4
Abida secale (6) Large Chrysalis Snail mollusc CAT2
Abida secale subsp. secale Abida secale subsp. secale mollusc CAT2
Abies (63) Fir conifer CAT4
Abies alba (110) European Silver-fir conifer CAT4
Abies amabilis (2) Beautiful Silver-Fir conifer CAT4
Abies cephalonica (5) Greek Fir conifer CAT4