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Scientific Name (Count) Common Name Taxon Group CAT Action
Acampsis Acampsis insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Acampsis alternipes Acampsis alternipes insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Acamptocladius Acamptocladius insect - true fly (Diptera) CAT4
Acamptocladius reissi Acamptocladius reissi insect - true fly (Diptera) CAT4
Acamptocladius submontanus Acamptocladius submontanus insect - true fly (Diptera) CAT4
Acanella Acanella coelenterate (=cnidarian) CAT4
Acanella arbuscula Acanella arbuscula coelenterate (=cnidarian) CAT4
Acanopsilus Acanopsilus insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Acanopsilus clavatus Acanopsilus clavatus insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Acanopsilus heterocerus Acanopsilus heterocerus insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Acanosema Acanosema insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Acanosema alpestre Acanosema alpestre insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Acanosema flavipes Acanosema flavipes insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Acanosema nervosa (2) Acanosema nervosa insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Acanosema producta Acanosema producta insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Acanosema reitteri Acanosema reitteri insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Acanthaceae Acanthaceae flowering plant CAT4
Acantharia Acantharia chromist CAT4
Acanthella Acanthella sponge (Porifera) CAT4
Acanthella multiformis Acanthella multiformis sponge (Porifera) CAT4
Acanthephyra Acanthephyra crustacean CAT4
Acanthephyra pelagica Acanthephyra pelagica crustacean CAT4
Acanthephyra purpurea Acanthephyra purpurea crustacean CAT4
Acanthephyridae Acanthephyridae crustacean CAT4
Acanthicolepis Acanthicolepis annelid CAT4
Acanthicolepis asperrima Acanthicolepis asperrima annelid CAT4
Acanthinula Acanthinula mollusc CAT4
Acanthinula aculeata (117) Prickly Snail mollusc CAT4
Acanthiophilus Acanthiophilus insect - true fly (Diptera) CAT4
Acanthiophilus helianthi (25) Acanthiophilus helianthi insect - true fly (Diptera) CAT2
Acanthis (20) Acanthis bird CAT4
Acanthis cabaret (16,486) Lesser Redpoll bird CAT1
Acanthis flammea (1,107) Common Redpoll bird CAT3
Acanthis flammea flammea (16) Mealy Redpoll bird CAT3
Acanthis flammea rostrata Greenland Redpoll bird CAT3
Acanthis flammea/cabaret (795) Redpoll (Common\Lesser) bird CAT4
Acanthis hornemanni (5) Arctic Redpoll bird CAT4
Acanthis hornemanni exilipes Coues' Redpoll bird CAT4
Acanthis hornemanni hornemanni Arctic Redpoll bird CAT4
Acanthobasidium Acanthobasidium fungus CAT4
Acanthobothrium Acanthobothrium tapeworm (Cestoda) CAT4
Acanthobothrium coronatum Acanthobothrium coronatum tapeworm (Cestoda) CAT4
Acanthobothrium dujardinii Acanthobothrium dujardinii tapeworm (Cestoda) CAT4
Acanthobothrium edwardsi Acanthobothrium edwardsi tapeworm (Cestoda) CAT4
Acanthobothrium filicolle Acanthobothrium filicolle tapeworm (Cestoda) CAT4
Acanthobothrium quadripartitum Acanthobothrium quadripartitum tapeworm (Cestoda) CAT4
Acanthobothrium rajaebatis Acanthobothrium rajaebatis tapeworm (Cestoda) CAT4
Acanthobothrium tripartitum Acanthobothrium tripartitum tapeworm (Cestoda) CAT4
Acanthocardia (18) Acanthocardia mollusc CAT4
Acanthocardia (Acanthocardia) Acanthocardia (Acanthocardia) mollusc CAT4