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Scientific Name (Count) Common Name Taxon Group Action
Acarospora nitrophila (15) Acarospora nitrophila lichen
Acarospora pelioscypha Acarospora pelioscypha lichen
Acarospora scaberrima Acarospora scaberrima lichen
Acarospora sinopica (92) Acarospora sinopica lichen
Acarospora subrufula Acarospora subrufula lichen
Acarospora umbilicata (5) Acarospora umbilicata lichen
Acarospora umbilicata f. congredians (15) Acarospora umbilicata f. congredians lichen
Acarospora veronensis (5) Acarospora veronensis lichen
Acarosporaceae Acarosporaceae lichen
Acarosporales Acarosporales lichen
Acarosporina Acarosporina lichen
Acarosporomycetidae Acarosporomycetidae lichen
Acartauchenius Acartauchenius spider (Araneae)
Acartauchenius scurrilis Acartauchenius scurrilis spider (Araneae)
Acartia Acartia crustacean
Acartia (Acanthacartia) Acartia (Acanthacartia) crustacean
Acartia (Acanthacartia) bifilosa (3) Acartia (Acanthacartia) bifilosa crustacean
Acartia (Acanthacartia) bifilosa subsp. bifilosa Acartia (Acanthacartia) bifilosa subsp. bifilosa crustacean
Acartia (Acanthacartia) tonsa Acartia (Acanthacartia) tonsa crustacean
Acartia (Acartia) Acartia (Acartia) crustacean
Acartia (Acartia) danae Acartia (Acartia) danae crustacean
Acartia (Acartia) negligens Acartia (Acartia) negligens crustacean
Acartia (Acartiura) Acartia (Acartiura) crustacean
Acartia (Acartiura) clausi (51) Acartia (Acartiura) clausi crustacean
Acartia (Acartiura) discaudata (9) Acartia (Acartiura) discaudata crustacean
Acartia (Acartiura) lefevreae Acartia (Acartiura) lefevreae crustacean
Acartia (Acartiura) longiremis (1) Acartia (Acartiura) longiremis crustacean
Acartia (Acartiura) margalefi Acartia (Acartiura) margalefi crustacean
Acartiidae Acartiidae crustacean
Acartophthalmidae Acartophthalmidae insect - true fly (Diptera)
Acartophthalmus Acartophthalmus insect - true fly (Diptera)
Acartophthalmus bicolor (1) Acartophthalmus bicolor insect - true fly (Diptera)
Acartophthalmus nigrinus (2) Acartophthalmus nigrinus insect - true fly (Diptera)
Acarus Acarus acarine (Acari)
Acarus calcarabellus Acarus calcarabellus acarine (Acari)
Acarus gracilis Acarus gracilis acarine (Acari)
Acarus immobilis Acarus immobilis acarine (Acari)
Acarus nidicolus Acarus nidicolus acarine (Acari)
Acarus siro Acarus siro acarine (Acari)
Acasis Acasis insect - moth
Acasis viretata (3,591) Yellow-barred Brindle insect - moth
Acasta Acasta crustacean
Acasta spongites (24) Acasta spongites crustacean
Acastinae Acastinae crustacean
Acaudinum Acaudinum insect - true bug (Hemiptera)
Acaudinum (Acaudinum) centaureae (1) Acaudinum (Acaudinum) centaureae insect - true bug (Hemiptera)
Acaulidae Acaulidae coelenterate (=cnidarian)
Acauloidea Acauloidea coelenterate (=cnidarian)
Acauloides Acauloides coelenterate (=cnidarian)
Acauloides ammisatum Acauloides ammisatum coelenterate (=cnidarian)
Agriphila tristella Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary Golden plover (<i>Pluvialis apricaria</i>) Comma, two adults Polygonia c-album.jpg <i>Agonopterix sp.</i> Southern Hawker Griposia aprilina  Merveille du Jour Hornet mimic hoverfly, Volucella zonaria, Harvest Mouse Nest Common hawker, Aeshna juncea Eupeodes luniger Hoverfly Athalia scutellariae Sawfly Sparrowhawk Common clubtail, Gomphus vulgatissimus Migrant hawker, Aeshna mixta Migrant Hawker Buzzard Hoverfly (<i>Rhingia campestris </i>) Cucumber spider, Araniella Bog hoverfly, Sericomyia silentis Clouded silver moth (<i>Lomographa temerata</i>) Brown hawker, Aeshna grandis Gomphus vulgatissimus Common Clubtail Exuvia Hairy dragonfly <i>Brachytron pratense</i> Black darter, Sympetrum danae