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Scientific Name (Count) Common Name Taxon Group Action
Acaulon Acaulon moss
Acaulon mediterraneum Acaulon mediterraneum moss
Acaulon muticum (56) Rounded Pygmy-moss moss
Acaulon muticum var. muticum (9) Acaulon muticum var. muticum moss
Acaulon triquetrum Triangular Pygmy-moss moss
Acaulopage Acaulopage fungus
Acaulopage ceratospora Acaulopage ceratospora fungus
Acaulopage rhicnospora Acaulopage rhicnospora fungus
Acaulopage tetraceros Acaulopage tetraceros fungus
Acaulospora Acaulospora fungus
Acaulospora laevis Acaulospora laevis fungus
Acaulospora nicolsonii Acaulospora nicolsonii fungus
Acaulosporaceae Acaulosporaceae fungus
Accacladocoelium Accacladocoelium trematode
Accacladocoelium alveolatum Accacladocoelium alveolatum trematode
Accacladocoelium macrocotyle Accacladocoelium macrocotyle trematode
Accacladocoelium nigroflavum Accacladocoelium nigroflavum trematode
Accacoeliidae Accacoeliidae trematode
Accacoelium Accacoelium trematode
Accacoelium contortum Accacoelium contortum trematode
Accipiter (3) Accipiter bird
Accipiter brachyurus New Britain Sparrowhawk bird
Accipiter brevipes Levant Sparrowhawk bird
Accipiter gentilis (4,594) Goshawk bird
Accipiter gentilis arrigonii Accipiter gentilis arrigonii bird
Accipiter gentilis atricapillus Accipiter gentilis atricapillus bird
Accipiter gentilis gentilis Accipiter gentilis gentilis bird
Accipiter gundlachi Gundlach's Hawk bird
Accipiter imitator Imitator Goshawk bird
Accipiter nanus Dwarf Sparrowhawk bird
Accipiter nisus (29,859) Sparrowhawk bird
Accipiter nisus granti Accipiter nisus granti bird
Accipiter nisus nisus (1) Accipiter nisus nisus bird
Accipitridae (25) kites, hawks, eagles, vultures bird
Accipitriformes Hawk bird
Acentria Acentria insect - moth
Acentria ephemerella (1,408) Water Veneer insect - moth
Acentropinae (1) Acentropinae insect - moth
Acentrotypus Acentrotypus insect - beetle (Coleoptera)
Acentrotypus brunnipes Acentrotypus brunnipes insect - beetle (Coleoptera)
Acer (138) Maple flowering plant
Acer campestre (7,617) Field Maple flowering plant
Acer cappadocicum (6) Cappadocian Maple flowering plant
Acer cissifolium Acer cissifolium flowering plant
Acer davidii (1) Snakebark Maple flowering plant
Acer griseum (5) Paperbark Maple flowering plant
Acer heldreichii Heldrich's Maple flowering plant
Acer japonicum (2) Downy Japanese-maple flowering plant
Acer macrophyllum (2) Oregon Maple flowering plant
Acer mono Maple flowering plant