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Scientific Name (Count) Common Name Taxon Group Action
Isohypsibius papillifer Isohypsibius papillifer waterbear (Tardigrada)
Testechiniscus spitsbergensis Testechiniscus spitsbergensis waterbear (Tardigrada)
Calohypsibius ornatus Calohypsibius ornatus waterbear (Tardigrada)
Milnesium Milnesium waterbear (Tardigrada)
Echiniscus wendti Echiniscus wendti waterbear (Tardigrada)
Murrayon pullari Murrayon pullari waterbear (Tardigrada)
Diphascon chilenense Diphascon chilenense waterbear (Tardigrada)
Milnesiidae Milnesiidae waterbear (Tardigrada)
Hypsibius (Calohypsibius) Hypsibius (Calohypsibius) waterbear (Tardigrada)
Echiniscus Echiniscus waterbear (Tardigrada)
Echiniscus mediantus Echiniscus mediantus waterbear (Tardigrada)
Echiniscus testudo Echiniscus testudo waterbear (Tardigrada)
Macrobiotus echinogenitus Macrobiotus echinogenitus waterbear (Tardigrada)
Murrayon hastatus Murrayon hastatus waterbear (Tardigrada)
Platicrista angustata Platicrista angustata waterbear (Tardigrada)
Diphascon bullatum Diphascon bullatum waterbear (Tardigrada)
Echiniscidae Echiniscidae waterbear (Tardigrada)
Eutardigrada Eutardigrada waterbear (Tardigrada)
Isohypsibius Isohypsibius waterbear (Tardigrada)
Echiniscus (Hypechiniscus) Echiniscus (Hypechiniscus) waterbear (Tardigrada)
Hypsibius (Isohypsibius) Hypsibius (Isohypsibius) waterbear (Tardigrada)
Dactylobiotus Dactylobiotus waterbear (Tardigrada)
Dactylobiotus macronyx Dactylobiotus macronyx waterbear (Tardigrada)
Echiniscus granulatus Echiniscus granulatus waterbear (Tardigrada)
Echiniscus quadrispinosus Echiniscus quadrispinosus waterbear (Tardigrada)
Echiniscus reticulatus Echiniscus reticulatus waterbear (Tardigrada)
Hypechiniscus gladiator (1) Hypechiniscus gladiator waterbear (Tardigrada)
Hypsibius arcticus Hypsibius arcticus waterbear (Tardigrada)
Macrobiotus occidentalis Macrobiotus occidentalis waterbear (Tardigrada)
Minibiotus intermedius Minibiotus intermedius waterbear (Tardigrada)
Milnesium tardigradum Milnesium tardigradum waterbear (Tardigrada)
Ramazzottius novemcinctus Ramazzottius novemcinctus waterbear (Tardigrada)
Isohypsibius annulatus Isohypsibius annulatus waterbear (Tardigrada)
Thulinia augusti Thulinia augusti waterbear (Tardigrada)
Heterotardigrada Heterotardigrada waterbear (Tardigrada)
Tardigrada (1) Water-Bear waterbear (Tardigrada)
Echiniscus tympanista Echiniscus tympanista waterbear (Tardigrada)
Echiniscus viridis Echiniscus viridis waterbear (Tardigrada)
Arthrotardigrada Arthrotardigrada waterbear (Tardigrada)
Orzeliscus Orzeliscus waterbear (Tardigrada)
Echiniscus (Bryodelphax) Echiniscus (Bryodelphax) waterbear (Tardigrada)
Echiniscus (Echiniscus) Echiniscus (Echiniscus) waterbear (Tardigrada)
Hypsibius (Diphascon) Hypsibius (Diphascon) waterbear (Tardigrada)
Hypsibius (Hypsibius) Hypsibius (Hypsibius) waterbear (Tardigrada)
Macrobiotus richtersi Macrobiotus richtersi waterbear (Tardigrada)
Tardigrada Tardigrada waterbear (Tardigrada)
Bryodelphax parvulus Bryodelphax parvulus waterbear (Tardigrada)
Dactylobiotus ambiguus Dactylobiotus ambiguus waterbear (Tardigrada)
Isohypsibius schaudinni Isohypsibius schaudinni waterbear (Tardigrada)
Isohypsibius sattleri Isohypsibius sattleri waterbear (Tardigrada)
Red admiral (<i>Vanessa atalanta</i>) Banded Demoiselle Goldfinch Common Hawker Sallow Moth Demoiselle Brachytron pratense Hairy dragonfly Chrysotoxum festivum Painted lady (<i>Vanessa cardui</i>) Comma Twenty Plume Moth Migrant Hawkers Hoverfly (<i>Criorhina floccosa</i>) Common Blue Butterfly Male Athalia scutellariae Sawfly Damselfly Harvest Mouse Nest Hoverfly - Melangyna Umbellatarum Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly Common Blue Butterfly Female Hairy dragonfly <i>Brachytron pratense</i> Broad-bodied Chaser <i>Glyphipterix thrasonella</i> 2 Micro moth (<i>Micropterix aruncella</i>) Ermine Moth