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Scientific Name (Count) Common Name Taxon Group CAT Action
Abies cilicica Cilician Fir conifer CAT4
Abies concolor (5) Colorado White-fir conifer CAT4
Abies concolor var. lowiana (1) Abies concolor var. lowiana conifer CAT4
Abies delavayi (4) Delavay's Silver-fir conifer CAT4
Abies firma Momi Fir conifer CAT4
Abies forrestii Abies forrestii conifer CAT4
Abies fraseri (1) Fraser Fir conifer CAT4
Abies grandis (192) Giant Fir conifer CAT4
Abies homolepis (3) Nikko Fir conifer CAT4
Abies koreana (3) Korean Fir conifer CAT4
Abies lasiocarpa (3) Subalpine Fir conifer CAT4
Abies nebrodensis Abies nebrodensis conifer CAT4
Abies nordmanniana (25) Caucasian Fir conifer CAT4
Abies pinsapo Spanish Fir conifer CAT4
Abies procera (136) Noble Fir conifer CAT4
Abies veitchii (3) Veitch's Silver-fir conifer CAT4
Abietinaria (9) Abietinaria coelenterate (=cnidarian) CAT4
Abietinaria abietina (557) Abietinaria abietina coelenterate (=cnidarian) CAT4
Abietinaria filicula (17) Abietinaria filicula coelenterate (=cnidarian) CAT4
Abietinaria fusca Abietinaria fusca coelenterate (=cnidarian) CAT4
Abietinella Abietinella moss CAT4
Abietinella abietina (20) Abietinella abietina moss CAT4
Abietinella abietina var. abietina (40) Fir Tamarisk-moss moss CAT2
Abietinella abietina var. hystricosa (1) Prickly Tamarisk-moss moss CAT4
Abiinae Abiinae insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Ablabesmyia (14) Ablabesmyia insect - true fly (Diptera) CAT4
Ablabesmyia longistyla (14) Ablabesmyia longistyla insect - true fly (Diptera) CAT4
Ablabesmyia monilis (7) Ablabesmyia monilis insect - true fly (Diptera) CAT4
Ablabesmyia phatta (3) Ablabesmyia phatta insect - true fly (Diptera) CAT4
Ablattaria Ablattaria insect - beetle (Coleoptera) CAT4
Ablattaria laevigata (8) Ablattaria laevigata insect - beetle (Coleoptera) CAT4
Ablaxia Ablaxia insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Ablaxia anaxenor (1) Ablaxia anaxenor insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Ablaxia megachlora Ablaxia megachlora insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Ablaxia parviclava Ablaxia parviclava insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Ablaxia squamifera Ablaxia squamifera insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Ablaxia temporalis Ablaxia temporalis insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Ablechroiulus Ablechroiulus roundworm (Nematoda) CAT4
Ablechroiulus broughtonalcocki Ablechroiulus broughtonalcocki roundworm (Nematoda) CAT4
Ablechroiulus paraciliatus Ablechroiulus paraciliatus roundworm (Nematoda) CAT4
Ablepharus Ablepharus reptile CAT4
Ablepharus kitaibelii Ablepharus kitaibelii reptile CAT4
Ablerus Ablerus insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Ablerus celsus Ablerus celsus insect - hymenopteran CAT4
Abludomelita (1) Abludomelita crustacean CAT4
Abludomelita gladiosa Abludomelita gladiosa crustacean CAT4
Abludomelita obtusata (63) Abludomelita obtusata crustacean CAT4
Abortiporus Abortiporus fungus CAT4
Abortiporus biennis (19) Blushing Rosette fungus CAT4
Abothrium Abothrium tapeworm (Cestoda) CAT4