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Below are the results of your search for 1km grid square SO0261. Records are stored as polygons (based on their grid reference resolution). Only records stored at 1km or better resolution are returned. Species are ordered by category and then by scientific name.

The following 10 records matched your search from 8 different non-sensitive species. Search area 1.00 km2.
Any sensitive species within your search area will have been removed from the results. View the list of LERC Wales sensitive species here.
Species   Category Taxon Group Count First Recorded Last Recorded
Anthus trivialis (Tree Pipit) CAT1 Birds 1 01/01/2006 31/12/2006
Lasiommata megera (Wall) CAT1 Invertebrates (insect) 1 28/08/1998 28/08/1998
Martes martes (Pine Marten) CAT1 Mammals (terrestrial) 1 01/01/1977 31/12/1977
Mustela putorius (Polecat) CAT1 Mammals (terrestrial) 3 30/06/1993 14/04/2004
Sciurus carolinensis (Grey Squirrel) CAT4 Mammals (terrestrial) 1 24/10/2013 24/10/2013
Aglais urticae (Small Tortoiseshell) CAT4 Invertebrates (insect) 1 11/08/1998 11/08/1998
Lycaena phlaeas (Small Copper) CAT4 Invertebrates (insect) 1 11/08/1998 11/08/1998
Pieris napi (Green-veined White) CAT4 Invertebrates (insect) 1 11/08/1998 11/08/1998
Hoverfly - Melangyna Umbellatarum Large red damselfly (<i>Pyrrhosoma nymphula</i>) Blue-tailed damselfly, Ischnura elegans Longhorn beetle, Pyrrhidium sanguineum Bog hoverfly, Sericomyia silentis Common hawker, Aeshna juncea Buff tailed bumblebee, Bombus terrestris Orange tip, Anthocharis cardamines Golden plover (<i>Pluvialis apricaria</i>) Small coppers, Lycaena phlaeas Pearl-bordered fritillary, Boloria euphrosyne Trout (<i>Salmo trutta</i>) Wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe) Autumn Crocus Clouded Yellow Roe Deer Gomphus vulgatissimus Common Clubtail Exuvia Apoderus coryli Crested Coralloides in Drostre Wood Athalia scutellariae Sawfly Black Darter Agriphila tristella Hoverfly - Melangyna Umbellatarum Common hawker, Aeshna juncea Agrotis segetum Turnip moth