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Below is the 10km distribution map for Acaena anserinifolia (Bronze Pirri-pirri-bur).

Total of 1 records found in 1 grid squares. Highest record count for a grid square was 1, lowest was 1.

Date Range

All records were for the year 1964.

Related Species

Species within the same taxon family.


Scarce blue-tailed damselfly, Ischnura pumilio Migrant Hawker Sallow Moth Common darter, Sympetrum striolatum Chrysotoxum bicinctum Lily Beetle Green Hairstreak Hoverfly, Cheilosia illustrata Elephant Hawk-moth Common Hawker Common hawker, Aeshna juncea Platycheirus albimanus Hoverfly Wigeon Tricholoma sulphureum (Sulphur Knight) in Drostre Wood Short winged conehead bush cricket, Conocephalus dorsalis Common Blue Damselfly Griposia aprilina  Merveille du Jour Hoverfly - Melangyna Umbellatarum Emerald damselfly, Lestes sponsa Colletes hederae Ivy Bee Hairy dragonfly <i>Brachytron pratense</i> Painted Lady Cardinal Beetle False ladybird beetle, Endomychus coccineus Buzzard