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Scientific Name (Count) Common Name Taxon Group Action
Acentropinae (1) Acentropinae insect - moth
Acentrotypus Acentrotypus insect - beetle (Coleoptera)
Acentrotypus brunnipes Acentrotypus brunnipes insect - beetle (Coleoptera)
Acer (116) Maple flowering plant
Acer campestre (6,659) Field Maple flowering plant
Acer cappadocicum (6) Cappadocian Maple flowering plant
Acer cissifolium Acer cissifolium flowering plant
Acer davidii (1) Snakebark Maple flowering plant
Acer griseum (4) Paperbark Maple flowering plant
Acer heldreichii Heldrich's Maple flowering plant
Acer japonicum (2) Downy Japanese-maple flowering plant
Acer macrophyllum (1) Oregon Maple flowering plant
Acer mono Maple flowering plant
Acer monspessulanum (1) Montpellier Maple flowering plant
Acer negundo (13) Ashleaf Maple flowering plant
Acer opalus Italian Maple flowering plant
Acer palmatum (30) Smooth Japanese-maple flowering plant
Acer platanoides (844) Norway Maple flowering plant
Acer platanoides 'Drummondii' Variegated Norway-Maple flowering plant
Acer platanoides 'Schwedleri' (1) Norway Maple variety flowering plant
Acer pseudoplatanus (21,169) Sycamore flowering plant
Acer pseudoplatanus 'Brilliantissimum' (1) Brilliant Sycamore flowering plant
Acer pseudoplatanus 'Leopoldii' Acer pseudoplatanus 'Leopoldii' flowering plant
Acer pseudoplatanus forma erythrocarpum Acer pseudoplatanus forma erythrocarpum flowering plant
Acer pseudoplatanus forma purpureum (1) Acer pseudoplatanus forma purpureum flowering plant
Acer pseudoplatanus forma variegatum (1) Variegated Sycamore flowering plant
Acer rubrum (5) Red Maple flowering plant
Acer rufinerve Grey-budded Snake-bark-maple flowering plant
Acer saccharinum (41) Silver Maple flowering plant
Acer saccharinum Laciniatum group Cut-Leaved Silver-Maple flowering plant
Acer saccharum (3) Sugar Maple flowering plant
Acer sempervirens Acer sempervirens flowering plant
Acer tataricum Tartar Maple flowering plant
Acer trautvetteri Acer trautvetteri flowering plant
Acer truncatum Shantung Maple flowering plant
Aceraceae (1) Aceraceae flowering plant
Aceras Aceras flowering plant
Aceratoneuromyia Aceratoneuromyia insect - hymenopteran
Aceratoneuromyia claridgei Aceratoneuromyia claridgei insect - hymenopteran
Aceratoneuromyia granularis Aceratoneuromyia granularis insect - hymenopteran
Aceratoneuromyia indica Aceratoneuromyia indica insect - hymenopteran
Acerella Acerella proturan
Acerella tiarnea Acerella tiarnea proturan
Acerentomidae Acerentomidae proturan
Acerentomoidea Acerentomoidea proturan
Acerentomon Acerentomon proturan
Acerentomon affine Acerentomon affine proturan
Acerentomon bagnalli Acerentomon bagnalli proturan
Acerentomon doderoi Acerentomon doderoi proturan
Acerentomon nemorale Acerentomon nemorale proturan
Blue-tailed damselfly, Ischnura elegans Holly blue, Celastrina argiolus Banded demoiselle (<i>Calopteryx splendens</i>) Hedgehog (<i>Erinaceus europaeus</i>) Common darter, Sympetrum striolatum Agrotis segetum Turnip moth Red-eyed damselfly, Erythromma najas Keeled skimmer, Orthetrum coerulescens Hoverfly - Syrphus Small coppers, Lycaena phlaeas Ivy bee, Colletes hederae Myathropa florea Hoverfly Marsh fritillary, Euphydryas aurinia Golden plover (<i>Pluvialis apricaria</i>) Comma Polygonia c-album.jpg Black darter, Sympetrum danae Eupeodes corollae Hoverfly Southern Hawker Goldfinch Painted Lady Comma, two adults Polygonia c-album.jpg Southern Hawker Trout (<i>Salmo trutta</i>) Colletes hederae Ivy Bee Cardinal Beetle