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Below is the 10km distribution map for a diving beetle.

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Bog hoverfly, Sericomyia silentis Cucumber spider, Araniella Southern Hawker Black darter, Sympetrum danae The Gaul (<i>Aspilapteryx tringipenella</i>) Southern Hawker Common Hawker Autumn Crocus Muslin moth (<i>Diaphora mendica<i>) Holly blue (<i>Celastrina argiolus</i>) Broad-bodied Chaser White-legged Damselfly Small long-horn moth, Nemophora minimella, Elephant Hawk-moth Migrant Hawker Ruddy darter, Sympetrum sanguineum <i>Agonopterix sp.</i> Large Red Damselfly Hoverfly (<i>Rhingia campestris </i>) Large red damselfly (<i>Pyrrhosoma nymphula</i>) Migrant hawkers, Aeshna mixta Hoverfly, Cheilosia illustrata Hornet mimic hoverfly, Volucella zonaria, Violet oil beetle, Meloe violaceus Hoverfly - Syrphus