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Below is the 10km distribution map for Abies lasiocarpa (Subalpine Fir).

Total of 3 records found in 1 grid squares. Highest record count for a grid square was 3, lowest was 3.

Date Range

Records were found between the years 1965 and 2009. Use the form below to the change the date range and click refresh to reload the distribution map with this date range.

Related Species

Species within the same taxon family.


Hedgehog (<i>Erinaceus europaeus</i>) Chrysotoxum festivum Micro moth (<i>Micropterix aruncella</i>) The Gaul (<i>Aspilapteryx tringipenella</i>) Hoverfly (<i>Rhingia campestris </i>) Longhorn beetle, Leptura quadrifasciata, Orange tip pair, Anthocharis cardamines Painted lady (<i>Vanessa cardui</i>) Brown hawker, Aeshna grandis Autumn Crocus Southern Hawker Pearl-bordered fritillary, Boloria euphrosyne Holly Blue Butterfly Elephant Hawkmoth close up - Keith Noble Platycheirus albimanus Hoverfly Flouced Rustic Moth Apoderus coryli Twenty Plume Moth Cardinal Beetle Longhorn beetle, Pyrrhidium sanguineum Antler Moth Keeled skimmer, Orthetrum coerulescens Colletes hederae Ivy Bee Broad-bodied Chaser Southern Hawker