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Below is the 10km distribution map for Acalitus stenaspis.

Total of 19 records found in 13 grid squares. Highest record count for a grid square was 3, lowest was 1.

Date Range

Records were found between the years 1987 and 2019. Use the form below to the change the date range and click refresh to reload the distribution map with this date range.

Related Species

Species within the same taxon family.


Hoverfly (<i>Criorhina floccosa</i>) Large red damselfly (<i>Pyrrhosoma nymphula</i>) Violet oil beetle, Meloe violaceus Pirate wolf spider, Pirata spp Glyphipterix thrasonella Ruddy darter, Sympetrum sanguineum Broad-bodied Chaser Gomphus vulgatissimus Common Clubtail Common Blue Butterfly Female Poplar hawk moth (<i>Laothoe populi</i>) Pellucid hoverfly, Volucella pellucens, Eupeodes corollae Hoverfly Flouced Rustic Moth Peacock, Aglais io Redwing, Turdus iliacus Ruddy darter, Sympetrum sanguineum Four spotted chaser, Libellula quadrimaculata Common darter, Sympetrum striolatum Glyphipterix thrasonella 2 Oak marble gall wasp, Andricus kollari Marsh fritillary, Euphydryas aurinia Bog hoverfly, Sericomyia silentis Russula nigricans (Blackening Brittlegill) in Drostre Wood Comma, Polygonia c-album Marsh fritillary, Euphydryas aurinia