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Below is the 10km distribution map for Acalitus essigi.

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Black Darter Common clubtail, Gomphus vulgatissimus Forest shield bug, Pentatoma rufipes Apoderus coryli Migrant Hawker The Gaul (<i>Aspilapteryx tringipenella</i>) Migrant Hawkers Large red damselflies, Pyrrhosoma nymphula Hairy Dragonfly Holly blue (<i>Celastrina argiolus</i>) Painted Lady Grasshopper Chrysotoxum bicinctum Small copper, Lycaena phlaeas Colletes hederae Ivy Bee Painted lady (<i>Vanessa cardui</i>) Earth boring scarab beetle, Geotrupes Red-eyed damselfly, Erythromma najas Cucumber spider, Araniella Tricholoma sulphureum (Sulphur Knight) in Drostre Wood Plant bug, Stenotus binotatus Robin Large red damselfly (<i>Pyrrhosoma nymphula</i>) Migrant Hawkers Roesel's Bush-Cricket