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Poplar hawk moth (<i>Laothoe populi</i>) Beefsteak Fungus in Drostre Wood White-legged Damselflies Red-eyed damselfly (<i>Erythromma najas</i>) Sallow Moth Migrant hawker, Aeshna mixta Oak marble gall wasp, Andricus kollari Fly agaric, Amanita muscaria Sloe shield bug, Dolycoris baccarum Black darter Hornet mimic hoverfly, Volucella zonaria, Russula nigricans (Blackening Brittlegill) in Drostre Wood Bog hoverfly, Sericomyia silentis Small Blue female Wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe) Earth boring scarab beetle, Geotrupes Scarce blue-tailed damsel Brown hawker Forest shield bug, Pentatoma rufipes Lime hawk moth (Mimas tiliae) Epinotia bilunana Bog hoverfly, Sericomyia silentis Raft spider, Dolomedes fimbriatus Migrant Hawker Scarce blue-tailed damselfly