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Hornet Mimic Hoverfly (Volucella zonaria) Eupeodes corollae Hoverfly Fieldfare, Turdus pilaris Common Blue Butterfly Male Hornet mimic hoverfly, Volucella zonaria, Beefsteak Fungus in Drostre Wood Tricholoma sulphureum (Sulphur Knight) in Drostre Wood False ladybird beetle, Endomychus coccineus Clouded Yellow Common Blue Damselfly European hornet, Vespa crabro on Plum Banded demoiselle (<i>Calopteryx splendens</i>) Migrant Hawker Roe Deer Cardinal Beetle The Gaul (<i>Aspilapteryx tringipenella</i>) Wigeon Giant tachinid fly, Tachina grossa Buff tailed bumblebee, Bombus terrestris Roesel's Bush-Cricket Comma, two adults Polygonia c-album.jpg Scarce blue-tailed damselfly, Ischnura pumilio Common hawker, Aeshna juncea Peregrine Poplar hawk moth (<i>Laothoe populi</i>)