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Elephant Hawk-moth Hoverfly (<i>Eristalis nemorum</i>) Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly Southern Hawker Ovipositing Green Tiger Beetle Geotrupes, earth boring scarab beetle Keeled skimmer, pair Speckled wood pair (<i>Pararge aegeria</i>) Common hawker Lime hawk moth (Mimas tiliae) Common darter, Sympetrum striolatum Russula nigricans (Blackening Brittlegill) in Drostre Wood Four spotted chaser, nymph Garden tiger moth (<i>Arctia caja</i>) Migrant Hawkers Wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe) Lentinellus cochleatus (Aniseed Cockleshell) in Drostre Wood Hairy Dragonfly Hoverfly - Eupeodes Hoverfly - Eupeodes Latifasciatus Willow warbler (Phylloscopus trochilus) Migrant Hawker White-legged Damselfly Platycheirus albimanus Hoverfly Demoiselle